Autumn Schneider is a writer of reality-based literary fiction, drama, and poetry who is passionate about justice–especially for women, children, and third-world cultures. After five years of intense pain and fatigue caused by chronic illness, she in healthy, grateful, and happy to share how she got here from there. Her public speaking skills were honed during six years of teaching high school (which included directing multiple plays and coaching competitive speaking and acting) and two years of teaching college. Autumn and her husband are currently parents to an amazing foster son. Check out her newly published short story, “Momma’s Not Better,” featured fiction at Hypertext Magazine.

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More About Me

I need ice cream–but can’t eat dairy.

My high school sweetheart and I have been together since…high school. (But if you want the truth, I had a crush on him in first grade.)

“Autumn” is not my favorite season.

And, I love words.

A Masters in English Language and Literature (Concentration: Creative Writing) and nine years of teaching writing, literature, and communication prove that–and prevented me from writing anything other than comments in the margins of student papers (except for an essay published by English Journal in 2004 and a short story published by Temenos.)

Of late, Hypertext Magazine published my short story, “Momma’s Not Better,” as featured fiction.

Renegade Theatre Festival recently produced my 10-minute play, “Secrets.”

And,  River Poets Journal and Poetry Nook have published some of my poetry.

To contact me for writing or speaking engagements, please use the form below.

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